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Brothers Marfil

The enrollment of summer brings joy. Not only because of warm temperatures and bright colors, but primarily because with a new season comes an unlocking of a hibernating gem - the summer wardrobe. It’s like reuniting with a long-lost friend.

With the rising temperature, blue skies, and the warm rays of the suns, lighter fabrics, brighter colors, and bolder patterns finds its way to the first frontier of the wardrobe.

It may be frightening taking that leap of faith into a bolder more colorful wardrobe but fear not. The warmer seasons are a great time to do such a transition since the color scheme already is present in your surroundings. Blooming flowers and the shining sun brightening up everything creates an inspiring color palette, that’s easily transferable to the garments of the warmer seasons.

The SS20 Saint Tropez collection is a great showcase of summer essence with versatile classics suitable for any outfit. We’ve paired it in a broader selection of summer garments to display how we interpret our favorite season. Linen suiting, lightweight overshirts, hopsack sport coats are key elements in sartorial summer expression - at least in our opinion.

We’ve picked out a few items, that in our mind, show true summer spirit, with light fabrics, beautiful structures, and playful patterns. Delicate weavings of silk twill, cotton seersucker, and wool blends are a great way to display coherence between the garments throughout an outfit. Relaxed and comfortable yet elegant, is the way to go. 

David and André are wearing accessories from the SS20 Saint Tropez Spring Summer Collection. 

Follow David and André for more style inspiration at their instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/brothersmarfil/