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Brothers Marfil's summer style

With the Scandinavian high summer currently sloping down from its peak, we thought we would highlight one of our favorite items for a casual yet elegant outfit; the bandana, neckerchief or scarf - call it what you want.

A classy touch tied around the neck, draping down through an appropriate amount of open shirt buttons. Worn with a suit, sportcoat, polo shirt, unbuttoned shirt, or just a tucked in t-shirt it doesn’t matter, the bandana, with its great versatile properties has surely been a tasteful addition in any ensemble during this summer.

In our mind, the quintessential of stylish neckwear for warmer days. Not necessarily being a lesser alternative to the regular neckties, the bandana has made its territory of its own within classic menswear, distinguishable from the regular tie, without compromising on visual flair. However neckties may be reserved for a slightly more formal setting, we consider the bandana to be well-rested within a relaxed habitat within menswear. But like any other worn garment, the neckerchief can be found in a wide variety of fabrics, patterns, and sizes, hence the versatile properties, meaning it can accommodate almost any wanted preference.

Lightweight linen for extreme temperatures and colorful splashes completing an outfit color scheme or why not combine the two? The possibilities are endless is the point. Though we consider it to be somewhat an accessory reserved for the summer, it can easily still be worn during any other season, it’s up to you.

In this guide, we have highlighted some of our favorite ways to pair the bandana in different settings. Take a look and get inspired, there’s still plenty of time left to wear these bad boys.