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Smoking - who doesn't look handsome in a tuxedo? It's elegant, stylish, and classic. That's how we would describe the tuxedo style. The style, known by many names, including "Black Tie," is synonymous with smoking in Swedish and many other languages. In English, it's called a "dinner suit," and in American English, it's referred to as a "tuxedo."

To achieve the perfect "Black Tie" look, a few accessories are required. We recommend wearing a black or dark blue silk or velvet bow tie, depending on the colour of your tuxedo. If you can tie a bow tie, choose an untied one for a bit of charm and the ability to untie it easily as the night goes on. If you want your shirt to stay in place, a shirt stay will help keep it straight and smooth. It's also essential to wear a black silk or velvet cummerbund or a pair of black, white, or dark blue suspenders with discreet, elegant silk or leather straps. If your trousers don't have buttons for suspenders, we also offer clip-on suspenders.

You'll also need a tuxedo shirt with French cuffs, and here's where you can inject some personality into your tuxedo by choosing cufflinks that reflect your style. A pair of stud buttons will also enhance your tuxedo shirt. Two often overlooked details are a discreetly folded white or black pocket square for your tuxedo and a pair of elegant knee-high or ribbed socks in the same colour as your tuxedo.

At Portia1924, we have everything you need to make an impression at your next black-tie event. We offer a wide range of bow ties, suspenders, pocket squares, socks, cufflinks with matching stud buttons, and cummerbunds that are perfect for your tuxedo outfit.