Pre fall days are here. Entering september, it can be difficult to know how to dress - is it warm, is it cold? It's a tricky one, we know! To make it easier, we have hand-picked a few of our favorite pre fall items right now. 

We still fancy the cap and you can keep the cap far into the autumn as a cool and trendy accessory - however, we go for a darker color than the summer cap to match the upcoming season's tones. The vest is still a big winner, and you can easily toss on a white crispy shirt under it. Add a bandana for some color, either tucked in lightly under the vest or keep it fully on top. A pair of casual sneakers and trousers in corduroy is a great combo - styled with a pair of fine Italian ribbed green socks. 

Get the look: 

Green Cotton Socks

Bandana in Burgundy

Arrivederci Cap Black