Hand-picked by Martin Hansson

The Swedish style expert and fashion journalist Martin Hansson has a well-established career in the fashion industry and is well-known for his great sense of style. Join Martin as he presents his favorites from the collection.

– I have a soft spot for the striped tie, perhaps because it effortlessly evokes thoughts of a British sartorial style that I hold dear. This striped tie pairs well with a dark brown or blue suit, allowing you to echo the tie's colour in the suit for a harmonious ensemble.

– Let the scarf make a statement! When choosing a patterned scarf, I find it elegant when it stands out and commands attention. For a more polished look, a silk scarf works wonders.

– The casually tied scarf is a subtle way to convey nonchalant elegance. Opting for a scarf in a similar hue to your overall attire ensures it seamlessly blends in, becoming a sophisticated addition rather than a bold statement. Coordinate its colour with your belt for a refined touch.