Selected by Philip Conradsson

My name is Philip Conradsson and I have worked as an editor and influencer within menswear over the last 10 year. Together with Portia I’ve been asked to pick my favorite pieces from the new collection.

For me clothes is all about investing in garments that lasts over time and building your wardrobe in a progressive way that carries through trends and seasons. I believe that the perfect wardrobe never is fulfilled but that each and every garment invested in should be something you will wear and enjoy for a long time. That being said, buying quality instead of quantity is the new right way of doing it. 

If you want to make a belt more interesting I would always go for a braided belt in the perfect dark brown color. This is a piece that just gets better with age and something that last a lifetime if taken care of. 

If you think that a patterned tie is too much a splash of color is the perfect choice. This racing green tie in silk will get the job done every time. 

The patterned scarf is the ideal piece for staying warm and comfy for the whole winter season. I like to wear it together with a coat or down jacket to make the look more interesting without compromising on feeling stylish. 

An elegant but yet functional accessory that goes perfectly dressed up or more relaxed are the black suede gloves with soft wool lining. For me suede is always the ideal choice. 

A traditional navy suit always looks more flattering with a patterned tie together with a white shirt. The brown silk tie is a versatile option that goes well with almost every color of suit in your wardrobe.